" ravishing ... superbly floated"  The Times

"Exemplified by the unselfconscious innocence of Angela Hicks in the cantata’s long opening aria, Gardiner has more and more tended to cast and coach singers in a vein of expression peeled of traditionally soloistic or assertive methods of delivery: here, the text is everything."


"Angela Hicks sang with rapt beauty"

Classical Source

"beautifully expressive singing"

Andrew Benson-Wilson

"… a welcome new voice to me was Angela Hicks who sings the long and difficult aria that opens Süßer Trost  (BWV 151). Here the balance between the singer, the strings topped with an oboe d’amore and the single traverso is captured wonderfully, the voice balancing the tender flute marvellously – yet fully capable of the sudden brightening up in the quick triplets of the central section of the aria before recovering the cradle-like calm of the da capo."

Early Music Review 

"Angela Hicks is excellent, her singing gently radiant."

Music Web International

"a beguiling mix of mellifluousness and boyishness as Cupid"